5 Signs That It Might Be Time for a New Air Conditioner

In most cases, an air conditioning unit will thrive for approximately 15 to 20 years. While there are exceptions to this, they are fairly rare.

If your AC has reached this age, it’s important that you keep a close eye on it in order to monitor its functionality. What exactly should you keep an eye on? The 5 signs below. If your air conditioner is demonstrating one of the following signs, it might very well be time for a replacement.

1. Antiquation

Sometimes, even if it’s not demonstrating any negative signs, it’s wise to have your AC replaced. This is especially true if your AC has managed to operate for over 25 years.

The simple fact of the matter is that old ACs do not operate with the same energy efficiently as modern ACs. By using an old AC, you are essentially wasting energy and money.

While investing in a new AC will be costly in the short-term, it pays off in the long run. You’ll be happy that you made the change once you lay your eyes upon your electric bill.

2. Slow Operation

When you change the temperature on your thermostat, you should expect to your AC to accommodate that temperature within about 30 minutes. If your AC is taking an hour or two to accommodate such a temperature change, it is not performing its job adequately.

Though you might be able to repair an AC that is performing in this manner, making a full replacement might be the better course of action. In either case, it’s wise to consult with a professional air conditioning specialist.

3. Excessive Energy Bills

Over time, as an air conditioner’s components wear down, its engine must work harder in order to perform its function. What happens when an air conditioner engine is forced to work harder? It requires a great deal more energy than it otherwise would.

Therefore, if your energy bills are substantially higher than they once were, you’re likely dealing with a deteriorating air conditioner. The recommended solution is to replace it with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

4. Unusual Noises

While all air conditioners make noise, there are some noises which air conditioners should never make. These noises include scratching noises, clunking noises, and banging noises, to name just a few.

If your air conditioner is making unusual noises of any kind, there is something wrong with it. Typically, unusual noises indicate either a mechanical impairment or a motor issue. Whatever the case might be, it’s wise to bring in an air conditioner repair technician for an inspection.

5. Chronic Breakdowns

While your air conditioner might break down every once in a while, it should not be breaking down on a regular basis. If it’s breaking down more than once a year, it is experiencing major problems.

Instead of paying for repairs every few months, there comes a point where it’s better to just have a new air conditioner unit installed entirely. While this may cost quite a bit of money in the short-term, it will pay itself off in the long-run.

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  1. It got me when you said that old air conditioning units do not operate efficiently compared to modern ones. It seems that getting new air conditioning systems for the house that I inherited is the best day to do for our own benefit. With the rising costs due to inflation these days, we should definitely invest in things that will save us money in the long run even if it will make us spend some of our savings right now.

  2. I appreciate that you explained that understanding the function of your unit could help identify how it functions. A couple of days ago, I used to think that the strange noise from our air conditioning unit was normal until it doesn’t function the way it used to. I appreciate you helping me learn more about how taking care of an air conditioning unit prevents damage. I’ll consult a trusted air conditioning repair service for more information about the repair process.

  3. I appreciate you expressing if there is a problem with your air conditioner if it is making any strange noises. Because her air conditioner makes noise, my mother wants to get a new one. I’ll advise her to speak with the office’s commercial air conditioner.

  4. My air conditioning system has been making a lot of noise lately, and I’m not sure what to do. I never even considered how old my air conditioning system is. I should work with a professional to see if they can help me out with this kind of thing.

  5. Thanks so much for explaining how a bad engine can lead to higher energy bills for your HVAC system. My brother has been talking about how his heater has been heating the house too much and no longer automatically turns off. We’ve been looking into calling an HVAC contractor to help him fix or replace the system, whatever it needs.

  6. It really helped when you elaborated on identifying a faulty air conditioner that needs replacement. I visited my aunt’s house last week and noticed that her air conditioner wasn’t working again, and just last month it broke down too, so I think she’d read your article now. Thank you for the advice on investing in a new AC that’d be more cost-effective in the long haul instead of keeping repairing your faulty one.

  7. Thank you for reporting that, while your air conditioner may occasionally fail, it should not fail on a frequent basis. My father claims that our air conditioner breaks down three times a week. I’ll have my father contact heating services to have the system inspected.

  8. Thanks so much for talking about some common issues that mean your AC needs repair. my parent’s AC unit has been making a loud bang noise whenever it turns on and we’re not sure how to fix it. We’ve been looking into hiring a professional to help them fix the thing or maybe install a new one.

  9. It is good to know that you should replace your AC if your energy bills have increased substantially because it is likely deteriorating. My husband and I took note that our energy bill was much higher this last month than it normally is. We’ll have to hire a professional AC service to check ours out and replace it if necessary.

  10. Thank you for explaining that high energy bills can indicate that you need to get your AC replaced. I’ve noticed over the last month that our bills are much higher than they should be. I’ll be sure to talk to someone and see if there are any other indicators that we might need to get it replaced soon.

  11. Thanks for pointing out how unusual noises n your AC such as scratching or banging noises might point of a mechanical impairment under its hood. My son has been complaining about a banging sound on his unit that comes on every few seconds of interval. This has definitely affected his work as a writer, so I think we should go look for a repair service that can have a look at its moving parts to see the problems. I would also think that taking action now will help us avoid costlier repairs down the road.

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