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Expect more when you call Hearthstone for service.  Achieve even, comfortable temperatures throughout your home.  Maintain healthy, comfortably humidity levels year round.  Reduce dust, system noise and energy costs.  Save on utility bills, eliminate repair bills and extend system lifespan.  A convenient pre-season tune-up from Hearthstone is the best protection for your budget, comfort, and indoor air quality.  It’s simple, cost-effective and full of rewards.

If energy efficiency and costs savings are a top priority, Hearthstone can help.  Dirt attacks your heating equipment during the off-season, and comprises overall performance.  Pollen, dust, insects, plant matter, and even small animals can find their way to the inner workings of your heating and venting system.  Professional attention is required to access and remove contaminants before you turn to your furnace for warmth.  If neglected, not only will restricted airflow lead to higher energy use, diminished capacity and possible malfunction, there is the possibility of bacteria being sprayed into your home and inhaled by its occupants.  When you call Hearthstone for yearly maintenance, our professionals will not only restore performance, but also ensure clean, healthy air is circulated in your home.

Your forced air furnace has two different air streams.  The return air from the home and hot exhaust from the combustion of gas is separated by the heat exchanger.  The heat exchanger keeps the bad air away from the good air your family breathes.  A faulty heat exchanger can lead to dangerous Carbon Monoxide levels in the home.  A clogged filter or a blower that’s malfunctioning will lead to your furnace turning on and off frequently.  This constant cycling causes components to heat up and cool down repeatedly, and may result in cracks in the heat exchanger.  The moisture sometimes found in garages, basements and crawlspaces can corrode and quickly ruin a heat exchanger.  While your furnace may seem to be functioning, professional inspection is necessary to safeguard the integrity of your heat exchanger and safe operation of your system.

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Like all heating equipment, boilers require regular condition and safety checks carried out by qualified service technicians.  The efficiency of a boiler system, whether gas or oil-fired, deteriorates over time.  Soot, produced during the combustion process, accumulates on the surfaces of the heat exchanger.   The critical air-to-fuel combustion ratio is affected by gradual component wear.  By checking safety controls and overall wear and tear, potential failures can by spotted and rectified.

Our staff is NATE-certified.  North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification tests represent practical working knowledge of heating, cooling and ventilation systems and are designed to identify skilled professionals who guarantee superior service.  Hearthstone technicians are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and the BPI, having demonstrated extensive, practical understanding of safe and efficient heating and cooling practices.  BPI certified technicians are committed to raising standards in home energy conservation and system performance to promote a healthy, comfortable and clean indoor environment.

Through conscientious and professional service, the Hearthstone heating specialists will ensure equipment that runs at peak performance year after year.  For a convenient pre-season tune-up, call 630-435-9800 and enjoy peace of mind.  Your furnace will be ready to handle the tough Westmont, IL winters, succumb to fewer repairs, cost less to operate, and provide a warm, healthy home environment for you to enjoy.  With nearly twenty years of consistent service delivered at the most reasonable prices, home & business owners in and around DuPage County trust their heating systems to Hearthstone.


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