Why You Should Perform a Furnace Cleaning in Downers Grove Every Year

Your furnace is an intricate system of ducts, filters, and motors which must be working in tandem perfectly to operate at maximum efficiency. To ensure that all of the components of your furnace are working properly, you need to get it cleaned regularly.

A cleaning once yearly will yield significant results, offering tons of benefits that you may not have realized exist. You won’t have to worry about suffering through furnace damage during a Downers Grove winter.

So, why exactly should you perform a furnace cleaning in Chicago every year? How will you benefit from doing so? Let’s get into this. 

Ensures Proper Airflow

When dust and other residue start to build up inside of your furnace, the air that runs through the furnace finds it more and more difficult to make its way. The residue essentially acts as plaque that builds up inside of a blood vessel. Like the blood vessel restricts blood flow, the air duct restricts airflow.

This is also the case for the filter that leads into the furnace. The filter is, of course, designed to catch dirt, so it will become inundated with residue fairly quickly.

By removing this residue, you allow air to make its way through your furnace with much greater ease, providing more consistent heat.

Improves Efficiency

Do you deal with inordinately high energy bills? If so, your furnace could very well be part of the problem.

Your HVAC system accounts for a great deal of your energy bill even when it’s cleaned and maintained. Imagine how much energy it’s using when it’s struggling to pump air through dirty, clogged up ducts.

Removing excess residue from your furnace will allow air to travel more freely. This will, in turn, prevent the furnace’s motor from having to pump even more air. Less motor usage equals lower energy costs.

Keeps Your Furnace Safe

Cleaning your furnace will not only make it more functional, it will make it safer as well. This is the case for both gas and electric furnaces.

Gas furnaces are designed to burn gas and then release the fumes of said gas through an exhaust filter. If the furnace is not cleaned, it can prevent these fumes from adequately exiting through the filter. This can, in turn, lead to gas fumes flowing into your home.

Electric furnaces, on the other hand, can spark and combine with dust residue to start dangerous fires.

Clear the residue, and remain in the clear in terms of your safety.

Prolongs Your System’s Lifespan

Another reason why you should get your furnace cleaned every year is that it will prolong the overall lifespan of your furnace system.

Removing dust and residue from the furnace before it builds up too much will keep its motor from ever having to work too hard. Taking this strain off the motor will allow it to save energy, preventing it from meeting an early death.

Your furnace is essentially like your body. By maintaining its health consistently over time, you can prevent diseases.

Proactively Prevents Breakdowns

When winter rolls around in northeastern Illinois, it gets cold. Real cold. The last thing you want is for your furnace to break down.

This is why you need to get it cleaned regularly. Getting your furnace cleaned will help to ensure that no breakdowns ever occur.

Again, think of your furnace like your body. Getting it checked out and treating it right will prevent it from breaking down.

Seeking a Professional Furnace Cleaning in Downers Grove?

Are you looking to reap the benefits of a furnace cleaning in Downers Grove? Why not get the job done correctly by bringing in a professional?

If you’re seeking a Chicagoland furnace cleaning service, we here at Hearthstone Heating and Air Conditioning are the people to call. Our team of professionals knows exactly what is required to make your furnace run at max efficiency.

Contact us today!

  1. Something I didn’t know was that getting my furnace cleaned will help to increase the lifespan of my furnace. Maybe I should look into calling someone to come to clean my furnace for me sometime soon. Then I would be able to have a while before needing to replace my furnace.

  2. Thanks for helping me understand that is a must that our furnace should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Not only for its efficiency but also cost-effectivity. I need to remind my husband about this to ensure that our units are working properly.

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