Tips to Lower the Cost of HVAC Services: Insights from a Hinsdale Heating and Air Conditioning Company

The costs associated with installing an HVAC unit, servicing it, and operating the unit increases with time. This increase in cost is seen not only as an increase in utility bills, but it is also in the decremental performance of the Hinsdale heating or air conditioning unit. This results in higher costs of service and maintenance.

Here are some key tips which, if followed regularly, may help in lowering the cost of HVAC services in Hinsdale:

1. Regular Maintenance

hvac-repair-services-hinsdaleIt is vital to have a service contract with an HVAC service provider who is qualified to perform regular maintenance on your Hinsdale heating and air conditioning unit. It is best to have the unit serviced semi-annually by a professional and experienced HVAC service provider. They will be able to ensure that the system is operating efficiently, and that all the parts are in good working order.

2. Reduce Allergens and Dust

By eliminating allergens and dust, a great deal of stress can be taken off the HVAC system, thereby reducing the amount of energy required by the unit. Some of the ways this can be achieved are by:

  • Eliminating soft fabric surfaces
  • Replacing cloth window coverings with blinds
  • Isolating pets to one room
  • Using hypoallergenic covers for bedding and furniture
  • Keeping windows closed during the pollen season

3. Reduce Home Humidity

An HVAC unit has to also maintain a desired humidity level for comfortable air quality in the home. In order to assist the HVAC unit, we recommend checking for the following:

  • Humidifiers are used at their optimum capacity
  • The humidity settings are maintained above 30% but below 50% in the unit
  • Dehumidifiers and air conditioners are checked to make sure they are the correct size for the room

4. Smart Technology

Devices such as smart sensors and smart thermostats are pre-programmed for desired comfort levels. Since they operate without human input, they are able to turn on and off exactly when needed. Moreover, smart thermostats can even switch off heating and cooling if there are no people present in the house, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption.

5. Operate at Optimal Temperatures

Many HVAC units have optimum temperature ranges (often listed in the owner’s manual) that ensure that the unit is using energy efficiently. Following this range and avoiding fluctuations of temperatures can help your HVAC unit serve you efficiently in the long run.

 6. Enhance the Insulation

Improper insulation, especially in older homes, can result in cold (or hot) drafts entering the house. This will make the HVAC system work harder and also draw more electricity. The remedy to this is to increase the amount of insulation so that less air is able to escape or enter the home.

7. Change Air Filters Regularly

Treated air coming from the HVAC unit needs to enter the unit in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. In order to ensure this, it’s important to change your filters once a month or as listed in the owner’s manual.

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  1. Thank you for your tip to have regular maintenance done on your HVAC system. My wife told me that our AC is only blowing out warm air. I’ll be sure to get a repairman out to my house soon.

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