The Importance of HVAC Service Contracts and Service Agreements in Oak Brook; Insights from an Oak Brook HVAC Company

Why is it so important to have an HVAC service contract in place? The answer lies within the old adage, prevention is better than cure.

When compared to any other household appliance, the ability for your HVAC unit to work properly ranks near the top of the list. Without it, you could be left freezing in the middle of a cold winter night, or you might be faced with uncomfortably high temperatures on a hot summer day. Because the HVAC system so vital to your home’s comfort, it’s important that you have an HVAC service contract in place for your Oak Brook home.

What is an HVAC Service Contract from an Oak Brook HVAC Contractor?


A service contract, or service agreement, is different from a manufacturer’s warranty or an insurance plan. A manufacturer generally provides a warranty for the parts and components of the HVAC unit should they need to be replaced during the warranty period. Similarly, an insurance plan allows you to file a claim in case something goes wrong with the HVAC unit. On the other hand, a service contract will call for preventive maintenance even if nothing is wrong with the unit.

The Benefits of an HVAC Service Contract

To ensure that you maintain comfortable room temperature and good indoor air quality throughout the year, it’s important that you setup an annual service contract with a reputable Oak Brook HVAC company. This will give you peace of mind that preventive maintenance will be carried out at regular intervals throughout the year, and the HVAC unit will be kept at optimal efficiency.

Your HVAC unit consists of the heating and cooling units, i.e. the furnace and air conditioner, as well as its stationary and rotary parts. Ideally, you should sign up for a service agreement that performs a maintenance check-up twice a year. A service in spring for the air conditioner will ensure that the thermostat settings, coolant levels, and heat exchanger are all in good working condition. Another service in fall will ensure proper furnace operation, including checking the ducts for leakage, clogged vents, and replacing filters if necessary.

Improved safety is another benefit to having an HVAC service agreement. For example, electric HVAC systems can get short-circuited, which can cause a fire in your home. Or, if the furnace develops a crack, carbon monoxide could escape into the home. These are both things that would be identified by an HVAC technician during a regular inspection.

Many HVAC companies also offer priority scheduling and better deals if you retain a service agreement with them. So, in case of system failure, the HVAC company will attend to your service request immediately.

Lastly, having a service agreement in place will help you avoid repairs in the long run. For instance, if the technician notices that there is a strange noise coming from the furnace, it can be diagnosed and repaired before it becomes a bigger issue. By preventing future repairs, annual maintenance pays for itself.

There’s no doubt that every homeowner would like an incident-free heating and cooling season. The odds of this occurring when you have an HVAC service contract in place are greatly increased.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning that if any HVAC unit parts or components need to be changed while the guarantee is still in effect, the manufacturer will often offer a warranty. My sister wants an HVAC system installed in her room. I’ll advise her to purchase an HVAC system with a warranty.

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