Benefits of Decluttering the HVAC Unit in Your Westmont Home

An HVAC unit should be kept clutter-free throughout the year, and any professional HVAC contractor will offer you that advice. If an HVAC system is crowded or cluttered with household items being place on top of ducts and vents or too close to the system itself, it can lead to a range of problems — from loss of energy efficiency, to damage to the unit.

More importantly, clutter could prove to be dangerous. The HVAC unit has components that can get hot as the system is running. If these components are cluttered or cramped, especially with flammable substances nearby, it could result in a house fire.

In order to avoid these issues in your Westmont home, it’s strongly recommended that you de-clutter your unit. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of de-cluttering the HVAC unit in your Westmont home:

Easy to Repair

Air vent of an HVAC system in a house in Westmont, IllinoisIf your HVAC unit is cluttered with household items, it can be a nightmare when the HVAC contractor comes in for repair. It can be a challenge for him or her to repair the system if there is not enough space to move around. It could take the contractor double the time to complete the repairs if the space around the ventilation system is inaccessible or occupied with junk.

Improves Airflow

This is almost a “no-brainer,” and it’s one of the most obvious benefits of keeping your HVAC unit clean. If it is piping hot outside in the middle of summer, and if your system for some reason has stopped cooling your home or your office space, the problem might have to do with the airflow. Even before calling the contractor for a repair, this problem can be examined by making sure that there is nothing in the vicinity of the vents that could have jammed them.

Energy Efficiency

Keeping boxes, furniture, or other items around your HVAC system can decrease the energy efficiency of the unit, and it can also be detrimental to your wallet. If the machine lacks proper airflow, it will cause the unit to work harder, drawing more energy and increasing your bill at the end of the month.

Prevent Fires

As alarming as it may sound, crowded or cluttered HVAC units have been reported to start fires and caused property damage. In a vast majority of cases, the fire was caused due to clutter in the areas surrounding the HVAC unit. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that no upholstery, fabric, linen, or combustible products are stored near the HVAC unit.

Avoid Health Issues

A cluttered HVAC unit can lead to several health-related issues. Impurities such as mold and mildew can travel through the vents, leading to allergies. Additionally, other pollutants (such as odors or pet hair) can also be released into the air, causing respiratory problems. As a rule of thumb, in addition to keeping your HVAC unit clutter-free, it is also recommended that you have your unit regularly inspected and serviced by a professional. This will ensure the safety and well-being of the residents of the household.

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