How to Take Care of Your HVAC System; Insights from a Romeoville Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Similar to painting your home or landscaping your garden, a well-maintained HVAC unit can help to increase the value of your home. There are some simple things that you can do to take care of your HVAC unit, and some of these little preventive measures can go a long way in increasing the lifespan of your Romeoville heating and air conditioning unit.

In this post, we’ll discuss some simple things you can do to take care of the HVAC unit in your Romeoville home:

1. Clean the Surrounding Area

HVAC system maintenance at a house in Romeoville, IllinoisIt is important to keep the outside unit (the condenser unit) free of dirt and debris. It’s recommended that you trim excessive plant growth and cut back shrubs so that the outdoor unit has proper airflow and circulation. In general, you should leave about five feet of space on all sides.

2. Clean Registers and Vents

In order to maximize airflow, it’s important that you clean all the vents and registers at least twice per year to assist in efficient air circulation.

3. Clean the Condensing Unit

The majority of air conditioners have an outdoor heat pump/condensing unit with a fan. The condensing unit has metal fins that can easily get clogged up with grime, pollen, and dirt. Therefore, is best to clean the outside unit — especially the metal fins — at least once every season by spraying them with a water hose to remove debris.

4. Inspect, Clean or Change Air Filters

HVAC filters keep particles of dust and allergens from circulating in the home. Based on usage, these filters can get dirty within a couple of weeks to a month. It is recommended that you change the disposable air filters every 1-2 months. You might consider replacing the filters more often if you have pets at home, or if it’s allergy season.

5. Check the Drainpipe and Drain Pan

The drainpipe sometimes becomes blocked due to the formation of mold or algae that builds around it. If the drainpipe is clogged and left neglected, it can cause a leak and potentially damage operating parts of the HVAC unit. You can use bleach to clean the surrounding area. Also, a wet-dry vacuum can be used to suction out plugged up areas. If you are unsure where your drainpipe is, your HVAC service technician will be able to help you locate it.

6. Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat installed with your HVAC unit, it’s recommended that you make the switch. Programmable thermostats help to increase your savings by cutting on energy bills, as they automatically regulate the temperature of the house when you’re away. A programmable thermostat ranges in price based on its functionalities and features. You can opt for a basic programmable thermostat, or you can go for a ‘smart’ version.

7. Schedule Seasonal Maintenance Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance in Romeoville

It is recommended that a licensed HVAC technician performs a preventive maintenance check-up on your system every season. During such a service, the technician flushes the coils, checks the drainage system and the drain pan, cleans the blower compartments, checks refrigerant levels, evaluates system operations, checks for any loose wires, and verifies the voltage supplied to the motors.

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