Eight Steps Involved During Heating and Air Conditioning Installation; Insights from an Oak Brook Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance, Repair, Replacement and New Installation Company

If you are replacing your home’s heating and air conditioning system, there’s no doubt that it’s a big project.

However, if you are frequently paying to have your current heating and air conditioning repaired, the decision to install a new HVAC unit becomes a lot easier. Once you have, in fact, decided on a new unit, there are certain things you’ll want to keep in mind.

In this post, we are going to discuss the steps that are involved in the installation of your new heating and air conditioning unit in Oak Brook:

1. Cost Estimation

hvac-system-install-oak-brookAs a first step, it is recommended that you get up to three air conditioner replacement cost estimates from well-known HVAC companies that service the Oak Brook area. Typically, the contractor will visit your home, measure the square footage, and recommend the unit size needed for the home. Additionally, resealing of windows, insulation, and repairing breaches in walls may be recommended.

2. Hiring the Right Contractor

It is critical to hire the right contractor who can get the installation done quickly and effectively. You can ask trusted friends, relatives, or neighbors for referrals. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau to learn more about the company and their track record. Also, ask the company for relevant certifications and credentials as proof that they can get the job done in a timely manner.

3. Length of Installation

Discuss the timeline for the installation of the HVAC unit with the contractor. This will help you prepare for the lapse in advance.

4. Home Preparation

Several things need to be taken care of before the crew arrives for installation. This includes:

  • Clear the area where the HVAC unit will be installed
  • Ensure kids and pets are away from the area during this time
  • Make space in the driveway and yard for the team
  • Move any antiques around the area to another location

5. Removing the Old HVAC Unit

The next step is the actual removal of the old unit, which could involve access to crawl spaces, the basement, the attic, and any areas that generally contain the accessory parts of the HVAC system. The power to the unit will need to be cut off, and the old unit will be disassembled and removed.

6. Duct Repair/Modification

This should have been discussed during the initial inspection phase and should come as no surprise. If ductwork has been included in the scope of the project, then a couple of technicians will work on duct repair or replacement simultaneously while the lead technician begins installing the new equipment.

7. New Heating and Air Conditioning Installation in Oak Brook

Based on the system purchased, the components of the HVAC unit will be installed both outside and inside the house. The components installed may include an evaporator, air handler, condensing unit, thermostat, refrigerant supply lines, condensate drain lines, and a condensate pump. Some HVAC unit installations may also require upgrading the circuit breakers. Certain changes to the property’s electrical system may require you to hire an electrical contractor.

8. Testing the HVAC Unit

After the replacement of the HVAC unit is complete, vacuum and pressure tests are performed prior to switching the system on. When the replacement is done, the system is retested and activated to make sure that there is no leakage, and that all components are working correctly. After a successful testing, the technician will meet with you to discuss the correct operating procedure of the new system, replacement of the filters, and thermostat settings.

Looking to Hire a Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance, Repair, Replacement and New Installation Company in Oak Brook?

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