Understanding Humidity Levels in Winter: Insights from a Heating Installation, Maintenance and Repair Company in Countryside, Illinois

It can be difficult to achieve the perfect humidity level for your home during the wintertime. This is mainly because it depends on both the temperature inside and outside your home. However, an ideal range is somewhere around 30-50%.

Humidity can be defined as the percentage of water vapor in the air. Relative humidity is the difference in humidity inside the home as compared to the outside. People often ask, “why is the humidity lower during the winter?” The simple answer to this question is that the cold outside air is dry, and when it enters your home, it mixes with the indoor air. As the temperature drops, less water can exist in the vapor state, which results in reduced indoor humidity levels.

So, unless you have humidity-generating activities going on inside your home — such as running a humidifier or taking hot showers in the bathroom — you are likely going to have low humidity levels inside your home throughout the winter.

It is very important to adjust your home’s humidity levels so you don’t end up with condensation on your windows. Excessive condensation could lead to further damage and expensive repairs in the future.

In this post, we’ll review some of the ways in which you can maintain the right temperature and humidity levels in your Countryside home.

Right Temperature

Condensation on windows during the winter in Countryside, IllinoisStudies have shown that varying temperature levels can have a different impact on the health of the occupants of the home. Temperatures below 68°F to 72°F can cause physical stress, high blood pressure, and chronic health issues in elderly people. Additionally, it is known that some viruses — such as the flu virus — thrive more easily in dry, cold air. As a result, it is generally recommended that you keep the room temperatures above 68°F.

Relative Humidity

Humidity should be managed at an optimal level. If the humidity level is below 30%, the air can become too dry, causing irritation to the mucous membranes in the throat and nose. Moreover, dry air can also be harmful to people with eye and skin conditions. On the other hand, if the humidity level is too high, it can create a favorable environment for dust mites and the formation of mold. These are powerful allergens and irritants that can lead to respiratory problems like asthma.

Relative humidity depends on several factors, which include:

  • Insulation in your home
  • Ventilation in your home
  • Moisture generated indoors
  • Climate zone of your city

The easiest way to determine your home’s humidity level is to use a hygrometer. While 30-50% can be considered as a reference point for humidity levels during the winter, you might have to adjust the humidity depending on your preferences.

If you find that your home is too dry during the winter, the best way to adjust these levels is to first make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed, then invest in a humidifier. If you have a well-insulated home, a humidifier may not even be necessary. Similarly, if the humidity level is too high, take a look at the sources of water vapor before purchasing a dehumidifier.

Looking to Hire a Furnace, Heating and Air Conditioning Repair, Maintenance and Installation Company in Countryside, Illinois?

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