What Does Furnace Maintenance Typically Entail? Insights from a Heating Maintenance Company in Clarendon Hills, Illinois

Routine furnace maintenance plays a big part in keeping your Clarendon Hills home warm, comfortable, and safe. But what exactly does a routine furnace maintenance service include? Well, it involves more than a quick inspection, which many homeowners associate it with. It is a comprehensive service to ensure your heating system works efficiently, safely, and reliably.

Are you interested in learning more about furnace maintenance and what it typically entails? This furnace maintenance company in Clarendon Hills, Illinois is going to explain below.

Why should you stay up to date with your furnace maintenance?

Why is taking care of your furnace importance in the first place? There are many reasons. First, proper maintenance ensures that your furnace works safely and prevents dangerous situations like carbon monoxide leaks, which can cause headaches, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion.

Regular maintenance also helps keep the furnace warranty valid, improves its efficiency, and extends its service life. Not to mention that it can help you find and fix minor problems before they turn into bigger problems. A regularly maintained furnace should not stop working when you need it most. In other words, scheduling annual furnace maintenance is the best way to ensure it can easily handle the cold winters.

What happens during a furnace service?

A routine check with a professional furnace maintenance company in Clarendon Hills, Illinois involves two things — inspection and cleaning. Let’s talk more about what happens in each:


A skilled heating technician will thoroughly inspect your furnace to ensure it works well and safely. These are some of the things the technician will examine during the inspection:

  • Carbon monoxide leaks: The technician will check if dangerous gasses, like carbon monoxide, are leaving your house properly through the flue. This keeps the air in your Clarendon Hills home safe to breathe.
  • The gas lines and safety switches: The technician will ensure that gas is not leaking anywhere and that the safety switches are working correctly to prevent dangerous gas leaks.
  • Heat exchanger: The technician will check for any cracks on the heat exchanger, as even the most minor cracks can be dangerous and must be fixed.
  • The filter, flame sensor, and blower motor: The filter cleans the air, the flame sensor helps your furnace start, and the blower motor moves the warm air into your home. These parts need to work correctly for efficient furnace operation.

This detailed inspection ensures your furnace meets safety and performance standards.


If everything in the furnace looks good to the technician, they will proceed to clean it. Here’s what a furnace cleaning typically includes:

  • Cleaning the flame sensor: This part lights the furnace and must be cleaned to work correctly.
  • Checking and cleaning inside the furnace: Your heating maintenance company in Clarendon Hills, Illinois will clean the parts inside the furnace, including the plenums (air distribution boxes) and the cabinet (the outer case). This helps air move freely and maintain air quality in your home.
  • Removing dust and dirt: The technician will clean out any dust, soot, and other dirt to help your furnace run better and last longer, as dirt can make it work harder and wear out faster.

With annual furnace inspections and cleaning, you can keep it working safely and efficiently. This will help keep your Clarendon Hills home warm and your heating bills down.

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