How to Tell If There’s Something Wrong with Your Furnace: Insights from a Furnace Replacement Company in Oak Brook, Illinois

Homeowners in Oak Brook rely on their heating systems for a good portion of the year. But because they see so much use, they sometimes break down and need to be repaired. When you start experiencing issues with your heating system, you shouldn’t ignore these problems — in fact, doing so could potentially put your home in danger.

Because furnace and heating system issues can be complex, it’s best to contact your local Oak Brook HVAC company whenever they breakdown. But the question is: how can you tell if there’s something wrong with your furnace? Below, this furnace replacement company in Oak Brook, Illinois is going to explain some of the common signs you should look out for.

What furnace problems should you look out for?

1. Electrical parts and wirings

Furnace replacement company in Oak Brook, IllinoisElectrical parts are important in your heating and cooling system simply because electricity powers your furnace. However, dealing with electricity can be very dangerous when you have no knowledge or experience working with a machine’s electrical parts.

When you turn on your furnace, any interference with your home’s electricity is a problem. Electrical problems can lead to sparks that can ignite fires in your house in Oak Brook, Illinois.

2. Loud and unusual noises

Unusual sounds coming from your furnace usually indicate loose or faulty parts that may be rattling against each other.

Different kinds of sounds can give you a rough idea of what may be wrong with your furnace, like popping sounds, grinding sounds, and squealing sounds. Knowing what type of sounds you hear can help you or your heating technician in Oak Brook, Illinois, assess what the problem may be.

3. Power turning off or on by itself

When your HVAC system turns its power on or off by itself, its filters might be dirty and worn out and might need replacement.

When your furnace is continuously using a worn-out filter, the compressor might have to work double-time, leading to mechanical issues. Problems with your furnace’s mechanics can make it use up more energy that can cause an increase in your electricity bill.

4. Bad odor coming from your furnace

Once you smell something odd coming your furnace, immediately call a professional. This odor is an indication of a highly flammable gas and may cause a fire inside your home in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Also, do not ignite any fires or put anything flammable near the furnace when you smell something coming from your furnace. Open all your windows to allow ventilation and have everybody in the house get out at once. In these situations, we recommend calling your local heating repair company in Oak Brook, Illinois.

5. There is no blue flame

When your furnace’s flame is not blue, there might be problems with its combustion. Furnaces that experience combustion problems usually emit excessive carbon monoxide that can be hazardous to your health.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic chemical that is fatal to anyone who inhales it. It is undetectable as it has no color, no odor, or taste.

Looking for a Furnace Replacement Company in Oak Brook, Illinois?

Are you dealing with any of the furnace or heating system issues reviewed above? If so, depending on the age of your system, it often makes more sense to replace your system rather than repair it.

Are you ready to discuss your replacement options? If so, and if you’re looking for the top-rated furnace replacement company in Oak Brook, Illinois, look no further than the professionals at Hearthstone Heating & Air Conditioning. Contact us today at (630) 517-5460 to schedule an inspection.

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