Do not Ignore the Noises Coming from Your Furnace: Insights from a Furnace Repair Company in Warrenville, Illinois

There is a difference between not recognizing furnace noises and completely disregarding them. We know that most Warrenville homeowners are not furnace experts and may not recognize any weird sound that comes from their furnace. However, if you neglect your furnace and disregard the sounds that come from it, you are far more likely to experience a system failure. This is because the problems that cause strange noises often compound into other (more expensive) problems down the road.

So, if you are noticing a weird sound coming from your furnace, you will want to contact a furnace repair company in Warrenville, Illinois right away. While we can discuss the different noises that a furnace might make to provide you with a little more insight, there are no do-it-yourself solutions that can resolve the problem. The only real solution is to call in a specialist.

Understanding the basics of furnace noises

Furnace repair company in Warrenville IllinoisDepending on the size of your furnace, the type of fuel used, and other minor considerations, your furnace can make a subtly different sound than any other furnace that is experiencing a similar problem. The difference is that you will still be able to tell when something is wrong based solely on the sound that you are hearing. For the most part, furnaces are designed to operate silently — the only sound you should hear being the sound of air blowing from the vents.

  • Banging/booming: The fact that it is often the loudest makes it the easiest sound to notice. A banging or booming sound generally indicates that a tiny gas explosion is going off in your natural gas furnace. The reason could be dirt, soot, and grime clogging the heat injector and causing a delay before the gas is ignited. The fix is simple — you only need to call a Warrenville furnace repair company to clean the burners. On the other hand, leaving this problem unattended is a bad idea since the tiny gas explosion has the potential to crack your heat exchanger and lead to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.
  • Clanking/scraping: Furnaces are equipped with blower systems that circulate hot air throughout your Warrenville home. These blowers can get displaced from their mounting brackets, posing a threat to the system’s internal components. It’s recommended that you turn off your furnace immediately if you hear metal clanking or scraping to avoid any damage, and make sure you call a professional furnace repair company in Warrenville, Illinois as soon as possible.
  • Squealing/screeching: Squealing or screeching sounds are not as frightening as the other two types of sounds, but they might still indicate a problem that should be addressed by a qualified furnace repair professional. Every furnace has multiple rubber belts. When those belts start to deteriorate, they might emit a squealing sound like the sound of a broken serpentine belt in a car. It can be challenging to determine which belt is the source of the problem, so you should immediately call your local furnace repair company in Warrenville, Illinois to check it out.

Looking for a Furnace Repair Company in Warrenville, Illinois?

Have you noticed any strange noises from your furnace lately? Want to have your system inspected by a professional? If so, and if you’re looking for the top-rated furnace repair company in Warrenville, Illinois, Hearthstone Heating & Air Conditioning is the company to call. Regardless of the extent of the damage, we can provide a solution.

Contact us today at (630) 435-9800 to request a free furnace repair or replacement estimate.

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