What is the Average Lifespan of an Air Conditioner?

While ACs do not exactly possess short lifespans, they don’t exactly possess long lifespans either. Typically, you can expect to get around 10 to 15 years of quality use out of an air conditioning system.

It should be noted, however, that the exact lifespan of your AC will be greatly affected by how it’s treated and maintained. To get the most out of your AC, there are a number of different things which you must do. Let’s discuss those things below.

Tips for Prolonging Your ACs Lifespan

Change Filters Consistently

air-condition-unitIf you want to get a good 10 to 15 years out of your AC unit, it’s highly advised that you change your HVAC system’s air filter on a regular basis.

This filter is inundated with a great deal of dirt and residue. Eventually, it will become so overrun with residue that it will no longer serve its purpose. At this point, your AC will have to work harder just to do its job.

In most cases, it’s wise to change your filter every 2 to 3 months. This can vary, however, based on how much dirt and residue exists in your home.

Scheduling Regular Checkups

In order to keep your AC in working order, it’s best to catch problems when they’re only minor problems. Allowing minor problems to persist will almost always result in major problems developing somewhere down the road.

How do you identify minor problems with your AC unit? By calling in a professional HVAC specialist for regular checkups. Scheduling checkups at least once a year can work wonders for your AC.

Keeping it Cleared of Debris

The fact of the matter is that your air conditioner condenser is capable of inhaling quite a bit of debris. Because it’s located outside, it’s always in close contact with sticks, stones, dirt, and a variety of other irritants.

If you want to keep your air conditioner as healthy as possible, you need to ensure that this debris does not come into contact with it. Make sure that the general area around your AC condenser is always relatively cleared of foreign objects.

When Should You Replace Your AC?

Perhaps your AC is getting near the end of its lifespan, and you’re wondering if it’s time to say goodbye? There are two primary reasons to replace your AC: 1. It’s antiquated, 2. It’s not functioning properly.

When it’s Antiquated

As was noted above, air conditioner units are designed to last between 10 and 15 years. Regardless of whether or not your AC is still functioning properly, if it’s passed the 15-year mark, you should think about replacing it.

As time goes on, air conditioners are built to be much more energy efficient. If you’ve got a 15-year-old air conditioner, there is no chance that it’s as energy efficient as a new model. You could start saving money right now simply by making a change.

When it’s Not Functioning Properly

Some air conditioner problems can be fixed. Other air conditioner problems are a lost cause. If your air conditioner has been repaired numerous times and is still experiencing problems, it’s time for a replacement.

Any repairs you make from this point on are a bad investment. The initial cost for a new air conditioner might be expensive, but it will pay itself off eventually by way of lower energy bills.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning that letting little problems remain nearly invariably leads to larger difficulties arising later on. When I turn on my air conditioner, I hear a tiny noise. I’ll contact an air conditioning repair firm to get my air conditioner inspected before it develops a significant problem.

  2. Great tip about making sure you clear the unit of debris. I need to get a contractor who can fix my AC. It won’t pump out cool air.

  3. I appreciated it when you shared that it is best to replace your AC unit if it is no longer functioning properly. My friend just mentioned the other day that she is worried about her appliance as it is not working well since a few months ago. I will suggest to her hiring a reliable service that can help install a new one for her home.

  4. I think you are right about making sure that you have your unit inspected to know where it is in its lifespan. My unit is pumping out hot air when it needs to be cold. I’ll have to consider getting a contractor to inspect my outdoor unit.

  5. Thanks for pointing out that it’s time to get a new air conditioner installed if your old one isn’t functioning properly. My sister recently noticed that her AC isn’t cooling her house evenly anymore probably since it’s getting old. I think it would be smart for her to look into getting a new one so that it can cool her house better and she can stop worrying about it.

  6. It was really helpful when you mentioned that an AC unit can last 10 to 15 years. Last week I moved into a house that is 20 years old, and the AC unit has never been replaced or repaired and I was wondering if that was considered to be old. I’ll have to call someone to come look and it so they can tell me if I should repair it or replace it!

  7. My parent’s A/C unit is about 15 years old by now. It says here that replacing your unit with a new one will help to save money. I guess is the time my dad buys a new one before his brakes down.

  8. I agree that you should change your HVAC system’s filter on a regular basis. When I was a kid, my dad used to change it every other month. Our AC rarely had any problems, which is probably a direct result of that.

  9. My air conditioner has not been working very efficiently for the past month. When you mentioned that it is possible for dirt and other debris items to cause the air conditioner to run not as efficiently I realized that this might be my problem. I will have to contact a contractor to inspect my air conditioner for debris.

  10. Thank you for your tip to change the filter on my AC unit every two to three months. Recently my AC unit has been acting up. Maybe it is because there is a build-up on the filter. I will keep this tip in mind as I search for the right HVAC contractor to help me with repairs to my AC system.

  11. Maybe my air conditioner is nearing the end of its lifespan. I think I’ll have a contractor replace my old one with a Carrier air conditioner because it’s antiquated. As you’ve mentioned, it’s not functioning properly anymore, so I’ll make sure to contact a good one.

  12. I love your air conditioner tips. My AC is dead. I’ll have to get someone to repair it.

  13. It was a good point that in order to keep the AC working it is best to catch the problems when they’re minor. I just moved into a new home and don’t know when the last time the AC was looked at was. I’ll have to look more into air conditioner repair service companies.

  14. My family has a newer AC system, so I’ve been wondering how to keep it running for a long time. You made a great point when you mentioned changing your filter every 2-3 months to keep dirt from piling up. These tips could really help my AC last longer, so thank you for sharing them.

  15. It really helped when you said the life span of an AC unit is 10-15 years. My husband and I are looking at buying an older home. Knowing this will help us factor in replacement costs if needed.

  16. Thank you for mentioning that air conditioners will usually last 10-15 years depending on how it is treated. I will be moving out soon and want to buy an air conditioner for my room but didn’t know how long it would last. When I buy an air conditioner I will be sure to keep it properly maintained to get the most out of it.

  17. I liked that you said that hiring routine maintenance will ensure that your unit works properly. I would imagine that going without air conditioning in summer would be stressful. I would be sure to hire routine maintenance on my unit so that I never go without it.

  18. Thanks for the piece of advice to change an AC filter every 2 to 3 months. The air conditioning in my home is pretty old, and I don’t think the previous owner ever changed the filter. It is starting to act up now and I think it would be best o get an HVAC contractor to take a look at it to see if it needs to be replaced.

  19. I liked that you explained that changing your air filter in your HVAC unit will help extend the life of the unit. I would imagine that having a professional come to change out your filter will give them an opportunity to fix any other problems with the unit while they’re there. I will consider hiring routine maintenance to avoid any major issues with my HVAC unit.

  20. I like your tip about getting a 15-year-old air conditioner repaired. That makes sense considering you want to fix old units that break easily. I’ll have to consider your tips about air conditioning so that I can keep my house cool.

  21. Thanks for pointing out that in order to keep your AC in working order, it’s best to catch problems when they’re only minor problems. I have noticed that my air conditioner has been kind of loud lately, and I don’t know what the problem with it is. I think it might be smart to have an HVAC contractor come and look at it so they can stop the problem before it gets worse and catch any other problems there might be too.

  22. Thanks for explaining that regular AC checkups are the best way to prevent major problems from developing. My husband and I just moved into a newly constructed home, and we want to help the AC system stay in good shape since it gets really hot here. I’m glad I read your article because now I know we should find an HVAC company to perform regular tune-ups.

  23. You made a valid point when you said that air conditioners are designed to be more efficient with each passing year. Finding a professional to maintain your AC system is a worthwhile investment. As summer approaches, I’ll make sure to find an HVAC contractor that can install the best AC system on the market in my home.

  24. I didn’t know that your air conditioner should be able to last at least 10 years. Since my air conditioner has stopped working after 6, I think I should find an air conditioning repair specialist. It’s making clanking noises and only blows hot air.

  25. I like how you mentioned that keeping your AC unit functional by replacing the filters when necessary is a must to know since filters are some of the first parts to frequently get dirty when one owns an AC unit. It’s also important to keep an eye on the unit itself when it starts behaving strangely–usually when it starts making loud noises even when it’s running is a warning sign that you should call an AC repairman to check the unit. If I had to look for an AC repairman, I would ask them about what else to look out for so that I know the warning signs on when the AC unit would be needing repairs.

  26. It is nice to know that you can get a properly functioning air conditioner. This might be something that my sister wants to hear. She is dealing with a problematic air conditioner and knowing that a replacement might solve her issues would help her a lot.

  27. I can’t sleep unless my room is cold. So, it is really important that my AC is working properly. It is good to know that I should get my unit checked regularly. That does seem like it would help prevent me from having it break down unexpectedly.

  28. Wow, it sure is interesting to know that AC units can last for up to 15 years! My son has been using the same AC that came with the older property that he bought a decade ago. I think it is now due for a replacement, so I will be sure to advise him to look for air conditioning installation companies that can hook him up with a replacement.

  29. Thanks for pointing out how regular maintenance checkups with your HVAC repair service can help diagnose any problems sooner; prolonging your AC’s lifespan. My son is poised to move to this property old property outside the city. He got a great deal out of it, and he can’t really complain about its condition. I know he will have to install new AC units in his space, so I will be sure to advise him to get them looked at regularly to help him enjoy his investment for longer.

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