Easy Maintenance Tips for Better AC Performance: Insights from a Residential Air Conditioning Company in Bolingbrook, Illinois

Your air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in your home, especially during the hot and humid summer months. But if your AC system is not working properly, it can struggle to cool your home, and it can also end up using more energy than it should.

To help you make sure your AC system runs smoothly this summer, this residential air conditioning company in Bolingbrook, Illinois is going to share some maintenance tips below.

Clean the air filters.

Air filters are important for your air conditioner’s performance, as they keep dust and dirt out of your home. If the air filters are dirty, your AC will be forced to work harder. This can increase your bills and make cooling less effective. Dirty filters can also affect the air quality in your home. Cleaning or replacing your air filters regularly is an easy way to keep your AC working efficiently. 

Keep the coils clean.

The coils in your air conditioner help the refrigerant absorb heat and cool your home. But, over time, dirt and dust can cover the coils. When this happens, the coils can’t absorb heat well, and your AC will be forced to work harder. This makes your AC less efficient and can cause more wear and tear on the unit.

You should keep the coils clean so that your air conditioner runs smoothly over time. Because the coils are sharp and tricky to clean, it is best to have a professional residential air conditioning company in Bolingbrook, Illinois do this during regular maintenance.

Check the condenser fan.

The condenser fan cools down the refrigerant gas so your AC can keep your home cool and comfortable. If the fan is not working properly, your air conditioner will not cool your home effectively. Sometimes, you might even hear strange noises from your AC, indicating a problem with the condenser fan.

If you hear unusual sounds or notice that your AC is not cooling as it should, it’s best to contact a residential air conditioning company in Bolingbrook, Illinois to inspect the fan and fix any problems.

Inspect the condensate drain.

The condensate drain takes moisture out of your air conditioner. Water can back up and damage your AC if this drain gets blocked. Therefore, you should check the condensate drain regularly to make sure it is clear. If you see water not draining well, call a professional to inspect and clean the drain. Keeping the drain clear helps your AC run efficiently and prevents potential problems.

Keep the outdoor unit clear.

Your air conditioner’s outdoor unit needs space to breathe. If plants or other things block it, your AC can’t run as efficiently. Make sure there is at least two feet of open space around your outdoor unit. Check it regularly to make sure it is free from leaves, grass, and other debris. 

Seal air leaks.

Air leaks in your home can make your AC work harder. Check for leaks around windows, doors, and other places where air can enter. Sealing these leaks helps keep cool air inside and makes your AC work more efficiently. Simple fixes like weather stripping or caulking can improve your home’s energy efficiency and AC performance.

Schedule regular professional maintenance.

Regular AC maintenance is crucial for keeping your system running efficiently. Professionals can clean the coils, check the fan, and make sure everything works as it should. Regular maintenance can prevent breakdowns and make your AC last longer. You should have your AC serviced at least once a year to keep it in great shape.

Replace your old system.

If your air conditioner is old, it may be time to think about getting a new one. Newer AC models are more energy-efficient and can save you money on your bills. If your AC is over 15-20 years old, a new unit can provide better cooling, lower energy costs, and improved comfort. You can consult with a residential air conditioning company in Bolingbrook, Illinois to see whether you need a replacement.

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