What Can You Typically Expect During an AC Maintenance Visit? An AC Maintenance Contractor in Lisle, Illinois Explains

Maintaining your air conditioner is crucial to ensure it runs efficiently, especially during the summer. Regular checks and maintenance by a qualified AC maintenance contractor can help you save money and keep your unit from suddenly breaking down.

Below, this AC maintenance contractor in Lisle, Illinois is going to discuss the importance of regular system maintenance, and we’ll also cover what you can expect during a typical AC maintenance visit.

Why is regular AC maintenance important?

Scheduling regular maintenance with an HVAC professional will help ensure that your AC unit runs as efficiently as possible, and it also helps keep your electricity bills low. It can also extend the life of your air conditioner. Without regular maintenance, your AC might stop working earlier than it should, which could mean you would need to replace it sooner — and that can be very expensive.

Another reason to have an AC maintenance contractor in Lisle, Illinois, inspect your AC regularly is that they can find and fix minor problems before they turn into expensive repairs. For example, if caught early, water leaking from the front, or a loose connection, could be an easy fix. But if these issues are not addressed in time, they could cause damage to your air conditioner, leading to costly repairs or even a complete system replacement.

Regular AC maintenance also ensures that your home stays comfortable throughout the year. Without proper maintenance, your air conditioner may not cool your home evenly, making some rooms too hot (or too cool) compared to others. 

Essential checks a technician should perform during a visit

Initial inspection

When you hire an AC maintenance contractor in Lisle, Illinois, they first visually inspect the unit. They check its overall condition, looking for signs of damage or wear, electrical issues or loose connections, or refrigerant leaks

During this visit, the AC maintenance contractor should also see if your air filter needs to be replaced. A clean air filter is what helps keep the air in your home clean and ensures your AC unit runs efficiently. Your contractor will also make sure there is enough refrigerant and see if your thermostat is properly calibrated and working correctly.

Coil cleaning

Your AC has two coils — the condenser coils outside, and the evaporator coils inside. These coils help cool down your home by transferring heat outside.

The AC maintenance contractor will inspect these coils for any dirt, leaves, twigs, or other things that might block the airflow. If they find any blockages, they will clean the coils to help your air conditioner run at its best.

Blower motor cleaning

The AC blower motor moves air through the unit. During maintenance, the AC maintenance contractor in Lisle, Illinois, will clean out any dust from the blower motor, the fan, and the area around it. The AC maintenance contractor will also lubricate the fan motor to keep it from breaking down too soon.

System testing

After completing the standard maintenance tasks, your AC maintenance contractor in Lisle, Illinois will run a test to ensure that all parts of your air conditioner work together efficiently and effectively. This is also a good time to ask them about things you can do on your own to keep your unit in good shape between professional visits.

Looking for an AC Maintenance Contractor in Lisle, Illinois?

Regular AC maintenance is essential for the comfort of your home. Regular maintenance makes your AC run efficiently, last longer and helps you avoid expensive and sudden repairs.

Are you ready to have your system inspected by professionals? If so, and if you’re looking for the best AC maintenance contractor in Lisle, Illinois, Hearthstone Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. Our AC maintenance services will ensure that your system is running at its best to provide you with the comfort you deserve. Contact us today at (630) 435-9800 to schedule an appointment.

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