5 Reasons to Get a Furnace Cleaning

Part of owning a furnace is maintaining and taking care of that furnace. You wouldn’t avoid getting an oil change for your car, and you shouldn’t avoid get a furnace cleaning for your furnace.

But maybe you’re not convinced. Maybe you think that changing a dust filter every now and then will suffice?

If so, your thinking is wrong. In order for a furnace to run smoothly at all times, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned on a fairly regular basis. Here are 5 reasons to get a furnace cleaning. 

1. Lowers Energy Bills

The first reason why you should get your furnace cleaned regularly is that it will reduce the cost of your energy bills.

When dust and grime are allowed to build up inside of your furnace, air has a harder time making it through the furnace in sufficient amounts. Because of this, the motor inside the furnace is forced to worker harder in order to produce more air.

A harder-working motor requires more energy; therefore, your energy bill will be higher than it otherwise would be.

2. Increases Safety

A furnace which is not regularly cleaned is prone to a conglomeration of dust. This packing of dust can be a safety hazard in one of two ways depending on what type of furnace you have.

If you have an electrical furnace, this dust can heat up and eventually catch fire.

If you have a gas furnace, this dust can block the exhaust channels out of which fumes are supposed to safely exit. When these fumes become backed up, they are released dangerously into the air, leaving you prone to both minor and major sickness.

3. More Consistent Heat Flow

When the Chicago winter comes roaring in, your furnace can be a borderline literal lifesaver. For this reason, you want it to be running as smoothly and consistently as possible.

If you want your furnace to release heat consistently, its internal channels need to be cleared so that hot air is not obstructed in any way.  By removing the dust and residue which exists inside of your furnace’s heat valves, you will be allowing hot air to move without resistance.

This will result in a consistent heat flow which is much needed when the weather is brutally cold.

4. Increases Furnace Lifespan

Another reason to get a regular furnace cleaning is that it will ultimately increase the lifespan of your furnace.

Think of a regular furnace cleaning as a regular brushing of your teeth. In order to keep good teeth, you need to brush on a regular basis. Taking a couple of days off and then brushing later will still allow some damage to occur.

The same goes for a furnace.

If you let dust build up in your furnace, its motor is going to have to work harder in order to push through air. In essence, it will be subjected to more strain than it otherwise would be. This increased strain will result in an early demise.

5. Lessens Chance of Future Breakdowns

The last reason to get your furnace cleaned regularly is as a simple form of maintenance. When you get your furnace cleaned on a regular a basis, you ensure that it’s ready to fire up and operate at all times.

You are essentially reducing the chance of future breakdowns.

The last thing you want is to turn on your furnace on a cold day only to find that it’s not working. Get it cleaned regularly, and proactively avoid any mechanical issues.

Take Advantage of Chicago Furnace Cleaning Services

Live in the Chicago area? Looking for a Downers Grove furnace cleaning service?  Well, then you are in the right place. We here at Hearthstone Heating and Cooling possess years of experience in cleaning and maintaining furnaces so that they run optimally at all times.

To our team of seasoned professionals, cleaning a furnace is like walking in the park. We’ll make sure that your furnace is ready for the coming winter.

Contact us for more information!

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